Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Favorite "Home" store

I have had the pleasure of traveling to our local Lowe's store over the last few months. It has quickly become my favorite store to shop at and not just because of all of the tools.
* The store has always been clean
* Prices are very reasonable
* The customer service is exceptional. I was just there the other day and had no less than 10 people say "HI" and asked me if I needed help.
* And they have cool tools

It's amazing to me, I have been in customer service off and on for several years, it only takes a little amount of effort, but means so much (you people in management know exactly what I'm talking about). I have had many experiences with good and not so good customer service, so, kuddos to you (Management Team) for making it a priority to help and serve your customers. I am now a loyal Lowe's customer.

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