Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some picts

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend. It's always fun to get together, eat, sleep, and watch football with family. Our immediate family has grown over the years. It started with 5 kids and now is 5 kids with 4 kid-in laws, 4 grand babies with one more on the way and Uncle Joel.
Man I love these guys, if you do not know my family, you are missing out and I am surprised, because they tend to be around at almost any type of party or gathering. It's also amazing to me the different personalities within my family. Politician/Sales, Engineer, School Teacher/Coach, Lawyer, Adult Daycare provider, Co-op Manager, Furniture repair business owner, HR Manager, Financial Asst., Grant writer (i think) and Construction guy.

Gavin is Daddy's little helper lately. He wants to help with everything, and for those of you who have a 20 month old, you know this means everything.

It really is fun to watch is mind work and try to figure things out and how he gets so excited about the smallest things.

"Oh yeah this is the life, I just need a bowl of pop corn to go with my sippy-cup and movie"

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