Monday, November 24, 2008

Just what's been happening

Amy and I got to spend some much needed time away together, it was only a night and she was sort of working, but it was nice, especially because her work paid for it.
The "Big Buck" got away from me this year, but I did have a nice hunting beard going.

Gavin got a new "cycle" and we can't keep him off it.

Gavin and the dogs made their annual trip to Crossroads Animal shelter for pictures with Santa.

And Amy's mom Deb, bought us a new TV, WOW is it big and awesome compared to the other one we had

Later for now


Stephanie Balvin said...

I like the beard!

Stephanie Balvin said...

That was actually Brenton writing.

Stephanie Balvin said...

Nice TV, it's about time you upgraded that thing! I cannot believe how BIG Gavin is and that he can ride that bike- WOW time flies!