Friday, February 22, 2008

Kicked in the gut

I received some more news yesterday that just gives you that feeling like you just got kicked in the gut. A couple close to me is filing for divorce. It makes me feel woozy just typing that word. It is a couple with a couple of children and some extremely high stress levels right now. I don't know all of the circumstances, but it just makes me sad hearing news like this, because they are such nice people.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another bump in the road

Let me just start off by saying that I am sorry to all of my faithful blog readers. I have not posted in quite some time, because life has been sort of hectic.

First Amy, Gavin and I all are getting over the nasty flu bug that has been going around. I hate when both of my "babies" are sick, Gavin especially, because there is nothing you can do to help. The words any parent "loves" to hear from a doctor when their kid is sick "you just have to get through it." In the mean time, no one gets any sleep and you all feel miserable. You might as well put a big THIS HOUSE IS QUARINTINED sign our front of our house, because we are not leaving and we are also not inviting anyone over.

The second and bigger bump is my job situation. Last week I received the dreaded news, "I can't afford to keep you any longer." I wasn't overly shocked; because I could see this coming and truthfully am surprised it didn't come about six months ago. It sucks to hear those words and sucks even more to tell someone you love that you are going to be losing your job. I know there is nothing that I could have done to keep my job. I am the last of several lay-offs over the past year. The housing/construction market is in real trouble right now, and my boss has not sold a house for any profit in almost 9 months. I don't blame him either; he did his best to keep me employed. His is a great man and I wish him the best in whatever may come.

I haven't really wanted to post about it, but a lot of my family and good friends already know and have show great support to Amy and I. Thank you and please keep us in your prayers.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Why do burps give you such a bad taste in your mouth?

For example...a peice of pumpkin pie will leave a nasty taste.

Even worse a burrito...WOW.