Saturday, August 25, 2007

MMMMMMMMMMMM Toes are good

The other day Gavin found his feet and the "Big Toe."

And of course Grandpa Jim had to help him out.

Auntie Nanna was there too...Can't wait to see little Brett Jr.
in a few weeks.

It's so much fun to watch him grow and interact with others. He is becoming such a little man, with distinct traits, like his moms attitude and love of food and of course my charm.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Congrats to the "BIG B"

A close friend of mine just recieved some great news in the past few days. Good for him, but I'm not sure how I feel yet. Since we've moved we hardly ever see you any more, I hate to think what it'll be like if you move to the south metro. Maybe I'm being selfish, but I'm wishing and praying that they put you in a store in the northwest metro. I'm pumped for you Brenton and for your family. And know that your "bank roll" is going to be is on YOU..

Holy Crap

I never thought I would start a blog, but here I am.

I just want to warn you...this is not going to be politically correct. You might even get offended, I'm not trying too, I'm just speaking my mind.

I'm starting this blog more for me. As I pursue excellence as a husband, I am going to try and use this blog as an online journal.

I will also share other things, such as Gavin growing up, family trips, works stuff, etc. My main goal is to have subject "free game"

More to come later.