Saturday, January 5, 2008

Football predictions

Washington vs. Seattle

* Even though Washington is the wildcard, I think they are playing inspired football and their defense is too good for Seattle. Washington by 5

Jacksonville vs. Pittsburgh

* This game to me is a toss-up. Pitt. is at home, but playing without RB Willie Parker. The Jags. won in Pitt. earlier this year. Each have MN ties on thier teams. Jacksonville- Mike Tice (Asst. head coach), while Pitt has Mike Tomlin (head coach) and Matt Spaeth (back-up tight end).

Pittsburgh by 3- field goal in the last 3 min of regulation

New York vs. Tampa Bay

Again a toss-up. Tampa is at home, but New York is good on the road. New York has the Eli Manning factor, it just depends on which Eli shows up. He'll either throw four TD's or four INT's. I love New Yorks running game with Brandon Jacobs. The Bucs are lead by a proven leader/veteran in Jeff Garcia. Tampa Bay by 4

Tennessee vs. San Diego
This is the easiest game of the week for me. San Diego with LT at home no problem.
San Diego by 12

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Brenton Balvin said...

0 for 2 yesterday. Ouch! I'm not sending you to Vegas with my cash.

I'd pick NY and Sand Diego today.

Looking forward to your next rounds picks.