Wednesday, January 16, 2008

'07 is gone

I was going to write a big review from 2007, but decided not to. A lot has happened with Amy & I, our families and our friends. It truly has been crazy, wonderful, confusing, painful, and almost every other adjective one can think of.

* We have tried to sell a house, which did not work, so Amy and I now have and investment property

* Built a wonderful new house, which is not very fun with a pregnant woman

* Helped some of our best friends move about an hour away, which sucked

* Watched a younger brother (John) get married, get a new exciting job and buy a house

*Watched my other younger brother (Keith) also get a new and exciting job, while continuing his love of politics. There are other interesting picts from Keith's' job that I will not post, but do enjoy getting via email- trips to Alaska (fishing), L.A. (Playboy mansion), Miami and who knows where else.

* Welcomed a new niece into the world. Congrats Deanna and Bret on you first of may children.

* We even welcomed our own little "drool bucket" into the world on April 6

All of this and more under the watchful eye of great parents, in-laws, other family and friends. Amy and I love you all and are blessed that you are part of our lives. I (we) wish you great happiness and joy in the coming year.

OK it turned out to be long...I'm sorry

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Stephanie Balvin said...

I loved it!!!! We think it sucks too that you won't move down here with us! Don't you need 2 investment properties!?