Saturday, December 8, 2007

My rockstar wife

Just a quick entry about my wife.

She has put it in her heart bless a family over the Christmas season this year.

Instead of playing an extra game (which means buying an extra gift), she wanted to "adopt a family" with the money we would have spent on gifts.

Our family along with some very generous people are going to make it a wonderful Christmas this year for a single mother with two kids in Elk River.

Amy is amazing. She did the research and found a church that helps less fortunate families. She also gathered money and other donations for this family. We (our family and friends) have been able to purchase a lot of clothes and toys for children, a gift card for groceries and a gift card for the mother to go clothes shopping. What is really amazing is through a friend, a wonderful woman from Crayola donated a lot of kids/teenager items. When I say a lot, I mean two rubber totes full of stuff. Coloring books, sidewalk chalk & paint, markers, crayons, you name it and it's in the totes....WOW!!!!!!!

Here she is playing with some of the coloring stuff.

You rock Amy!

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Stephanie Balvin said...

Way to go Amy!!! You have a huge heart for helping others. That's one thing I love about you!